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Share my experience...

In addition to my sports career, I decided to share my experience with the managerial environment.

I offer different interventions around apnea, breathing and introspective development, for individual and collective purposes.

My journey as a high-level athlete has allowed me:

  • To experiment with chess

  • Learn to let go in emergency situations

  • To manage my emotions

  • To be more focused

  • To develop very effective tools to achieve my goals…


My themes

  • Stress and emotional management

  • Letting go in a competitive environment “under pressure”

  • Resilience and adaptive capacity

  • Giving meaning to goals

  • Force of verb and intention

  • Intuition and decision making

  • Mindfulness VS mental hyperactivity



For attendees

  • Develop the desire to work on yourself

  • Being able to seize opportunities

  • Trust in your intuition and abilities

  • Better understanding of self and others

  • Managing your physical and medical well-being with breathing

  • Leave with concrete development tools…

For the company

  • Establishing the many links between freediving and business

  • Emphasize the individual for the benefit of the collective

  • Identify business needs and strengths

  • Define a common language between employees...

For any requestof intervention,

contact me !

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