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Discovering a new world...

I was born in 1987 in Thonon-les-Bains, between lake and mountains in the heart of the Alps. Bathed in sport since my first steps between judo, cycling and running, I really discovered freediving and the seabed at the age of 10 on vacation in Corsica.

This experience is a real revelation, far from the school difficulties that have always been encountered. I had only one desire then: to discover this universe as magical as it is mysterious and in the purest way possible: in apnea.

Having always had attention and concentration disorders with mental hyperactivity, apnea allowed me to overcome this difficulty and also made me realize the importance of the practice of meditation. Thanks to this, I managed to refocus and reconnect to the present moment!

Freediving is much more than a sport; it is a real school of life that pushes us to refocus on ourselves, to let go of fears and fully live the state of presence!

The development of apnea

I started the competition in 2007 with the need to share and develop the activity in Haute-Savoie (France). Everything had to be built but the best was yet to come...

I was asked to develop the activity in Thonon, Annecy as well as in the department. Freediving took an incredible rise all over France and allowed me, thereafter, to train in these same structures.

and first selection

I decided to settle in Annecy in 2011 where I discovered an incredible sporting dynamism and idyllic training conditions.

Freediving then takes an important place in my life. I surround myself with a team initiated by the discovery of a mental trainer, Loïc Gouzerh, who helps me in my first steps as a top athlete.

I don't know anything about high-level preparation, nutrition, the sporting profession and I'm learning about tar from other professionals in the field!

I finally manage to select myself for my first world championships in Greece, in Kalamata. I was then 24 years old.

Vice World Champion
& professionalization in 2017

In 2016 I won my first international title (Vice World Champion) which opens a path to professionalization for me!

After years of financial difficulties, I created my business and became an independent sportsman. A professional victory that also allows me to share this experience with other companies as a speaker.

New start

Despite my adaptation in the lakes, I encountered difficulties in maintaining specific training at great depth.

I had partly succeeded in overcoming the lack of proximity to the sea. But it was time to take a new step in my career in order to go further into the depths. It was finally in the Canary Islands, alongside Annecy, that I chose to complete my progression.

Environmental commitment,
web-series & documentaries

After several trips, explorations and documentary filming abroad, I see a deterioration of the marine environment. This is the beginning of a real environmental awareness where I begin to get closer to associations involved in the protection of water, with my brother himself hydrobiologist diver. We therefore subsequently, with Mathias LOPEZ, my cameraman, produced several videos and series linking the world of freediving and the protection of the aquatic environment.

  • “Freediving Universe” in 2016

  • “Là-eau” (in mountain lakes) - 4 episodes

  • “Breathtaking” France O - 52 minutes…

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